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Auto Twirler Rotisserie in Action

Danny Nardi

Hobby restorers aren’t the only ones who appreciate the convenience of the Auto Twirler Rotisserie. DeSimone Auto Group of Philadelphia operates Suzuki and Isuzu dealerships. Owner Gene DeSimone began in the body shop business, so bodywork has a special emphasis there. DeSimone has always been a restorer.

Danny Nardi, who does a little of everything at the dealership, said he and DeSimone have restored many cars together over the years, some of which are displayed at the dealerships. Among them are a ’57 ’Vette, ’59 Alfa Romeo, ’57 Chevy convertible and a ’67 GT. DeSimone's is an unusual new car dealership, in that about a year ago, it began to seek out and accept customer restoration work.

Nardi was the one who first became interested in the Auto Twirler Rotisserie. “I knew Twirlers...they were around and being used, and I saw one in use on a TV show, too. It looked like a really good way to do things. When my new Eastwood catalog came and I saw it in there, I went to Gene and suggested we pick one up.”


DeSimone bought our Standard Rotisserie. “Right off the bat, I was impressed with the quality of the construction. I knew it could do the job for us,” Nardi said. “Now, we use it almost all the time. Obviously, it’s the best way to do finish work on undersides. There’s no eating dirt, no welding sparks showering down around you, and no working with your arms overhead.”

“I was really pleased to discover how great it was for other work, too. It’s so much better to turn the car on its side to sand roofs, for instance. There’s no stretching, bending, squatting, crouching—none of that. You can always position the car to work on it in comfort. It sure beats the old way, working with the car on a lift or up on jack stands. As a result, there’s less fatigue, you work quicker, and you end up with a better job, in less time,” Nardi continued.

Body Cart

Danny said the next Eastwood purchase they are considering is our Standard Universal Body Cart. He said it's a natural partner to the Auto Twirler. Nardi confided that he was considering making one himself, until he saw the adjustable units from Eastwood. “They look really versatile, and the price looks good, too.”

DeSimone has always produced quality work, and the Auto Twirler enables the company to maintain that high standard. (He also said the dealership is always looking to hire associates with a similar attitude.) “Anyone with just a little mechanical skill can assemble the Auto Twirler,” Nardi said, “and anyone can benefit.”