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Eastwood's Airbrush Kit with Compressor

Assembly & Safety (Item #51536)

EW Professional Air Brush Kit

Thank you for purchasing the Eastwood Airbrush Kit With Compressor. This is a versatile and fully portable system requiring only a 110 Volt electrical supply to operate. The quality components in this kit will offer years of trouble free service.

List of Components

*Required For Assembly: A roll of Teflon pipe thread sealing tape or equivalent sealant, and an adjustable wrench or open-ended wrenches (not included).

Assembly Procedure

  1. 1. Remove the plated plug from the dome end of the tank making sure that all air pressure has been released fi rst.
  2. 2. Thread the brass 1/8” MNPT x ¼” MNPT reducer fi tting packaged with the Air Regulator/Filter into the open threaded hole in the domed tank end. (Use several wraps of Teflon ). Tighten securely.
  3. 3. Thread the “IN” port of the Air Filter/Regulator onto the ¼” MNPT end of the brass reducer previously installed into the tank. Rotate Air Regulator/Filter unit until securely tightened. Note: The unit must be positioned vertically with the regulator knob at the top and the clear moisture bowl with drain located at the bottom.
  4. 3. Using Teflon Tape, thread the ¼” MNPT hose end into the “OUT port of the Air Regulator/Filter unit onto the fi tting previously attached to the tank.
  5. 4. Using Teflon tape, thread the ¼” FNPT end of the airbrush hose onto the previously installed ¼” x ¼” brass fi tting.
  6. 5. Attach the knurled 1/8” FNPT end of the airbrush hose onto the airbrush.

Your Eastwood Airbrush Kit with Compressor is now ready for use. Look to Eastwood for all of your paints and airbrushing supplies.


NOTE: The Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun can also be operated with the compressor in this airbrush kit.